Running your app

Starting the React Native Packager

Deco automatically starts the React Native Packager when you launch the simulator. You may also start/restart the Packager manually using Tools > Restart Packager.

When the packager is running, you can view the packager output at the bottom of the Deco IDE.

Launching the iOS Simulator

You can launch any installed iOS simulator by clicking the simulator button. Reload will reload the last launched simulator without restarting the packager.

Don't forget to enable hot reload!

Launching the Android Emulator

You can launch the emulator manually with react-native run-android in your project directory. If you created a new project through Deco, your project will need to be saved before you can do this (since the unsaved project is in the tmp directory).

More info on Android support in our FAQ.

Enabling Hot Reload

You can enable hot reloading (automatically refreshing your app when you make changes) via the debug menu within your running React Native app. On iOS, use ⌘+d to bring up the debug menu, and select "Enable Hot Reload".