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Learn to build mobile apps in an accelerated classroom program.

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Two Day Course

Expert Instructors

Hands-On Projects

Learn React Native hands-on and in-person from the most active developers in the community. Discover the latest trends and best practices by building practical apps during the workshop that soar above and beyond online resources.

React Native Expert Instructors

Devin Abbott   

Devin is co-creator of Deco IDE, author of React Native Express, and contributor to the React Native documentation. Extremely active in the React Native community, Devin has given talks at over a dozen events, and has been a consultant to industry leaders like Airbnb and Facebook.

Gavin Owens   

Gavin is co-creator of Deco IDE and head of engineering at Deco Software. He has extensive experience applying open-source technologies to build sophisticated and performant apps for companies of all sizes. Previously, Gavin worked on machine learning and the mail search platform at Yahoo.

Hands-On Projects

During the workshop, you will get experience building realistic projects inspired by top iOS and Android apps.

Twitter Client


Scroll Performance & Optimization

Animation & UX Polish

Uber Client


Maps & Location APIs

Push Notifications

Flappy Bird Clone

Custom Native Modules

Gaming Performance

Social Sharing

What You Will Get Out of It

If you are new to React Native, there is no better place to start than a React Native Fundamentals Workshop. React Native is evolving rapidly and can be overwhelming for beginners. This guided program breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand explanations and gives you direct access to instructors who can help you work through any challenges.

In just two days, you will gain a solid understanding of how React Native works, and have real hands-on experience building one of the course projects. You will be empowered to build high-quality native mobile apps faster than working in Objective-C, Swift, or Java.

Get a sneak peek of our educational materials at React Native Express, a popular resource developed by the instructors of this workshop.

Topics Covered

Project Setup
Styling & Layout
Data Management
Building & Packaging
Network Requests
Basic Components
Native Modules
Navigation & Routing

Our Advisors

Our training programs have been developed in collaboration with industry leaders who
have helped us incorporate the latest best practices in use at top companies.

Brent Vatne

React Native Contributor, Exponent

Hector Ramos

Developer Advocate, Facebook

Clarence Leung

React Native Engineer, Netflix